CureLauncher and Clinical Trials for Testicular Cancer

Clinical trials are the tools that are used to improve our ability to treat cancer.

Many people think of clinical trials as an all or nothing principle that dates back to the early days of placebo-controlled clinical trials. Before there were effective treatments for a disease they would conduct trials where patients were given a drug or a sugar pill to see if the drug performed.


In today's age, it is no longer ethical to use placebo controlled trials, especially when we have proven treatments, so there really are no longer any of these sugar pills. Clinical trials are often used to compare new treatments to the best that are currently available. By comparing these promising new treatments we can help improve our current "gold standards."


In order to find a clinical trial we used to have to rely on the knowledge of our treating physician. Then the National Institute of Health designed a clinical trial registry but this registry was designed more for the clinical trials to have a place for public posting and not really a place for patients to find trials to meet their needs.


Now we have CureLauncher, which was co-founded by two-time testicular cancer survivor David Fuehrer. CureLauncher has "translated" the clinical trials into an easier to understand format. They also use Relationship Managers to ensure that they are there for your first and that they are focusing on finding clinical trials that match your unique needs and goals. Instead of having to rely on which trial is at the large local hospital we now have access to CureLauncher and their list of All clinical trials.

[Note: You may not see Testicular Cancer in the condition selector on their home page but they DO have testicular cancer trials available so simply give them a call at (800) 488-6632]


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