The Majority Never Speaks About Testicular Cancer

Over 60% of young men say, "None of these people" have spoken to them about testicular cancer.


Testicular cancer is the leading cause of cancer in young men age 15-35, yet not many people appear to be educating these young men about the disease.


A January 2016 survey by the Testicular Cancer Society asked 1000 young men in the U.S., ages 18-34, "Which of the following people have spoken to you about testicular cancer?" Respondents were given 5 multiple-choices in a multiple-answer format.

62% of respondents answered None of the Above

22% of respondents answered My Doctor

10% of respondents answered My Parent

9% of respondents answered My High School Teacher/Nurse

5% of respondents answered My Sports Coach

5% of respondents answered My College Professor/Nurse


These results indicate that people most likely closest to these young men are not discussing testicular cancer with them during a time when these young men are at greatest risk for the disease. While testicular cancer can occur at any age, it is disturbing that opportunities to educate those at highest risk are being missed.

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These results showed minor improvement from the 2015 National Spoken About TC Survey in which 67% responded None of the Above compared to 62% in the 2016 survey. 


For more information about this survey please contact the Testicular Cancer Society.

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