Celebrating Dr. Einhorn's 40th Anniversary

40 Years Ago Dr. Einhorn's Discovery Segued to Saving Thousands of Men's Lives.

Please join us in a celebration to Dr. Einhorn.

Voted as one of the Top 5 Advances in 50 Years of Modern Oncology  Dr. Einhorn's discovery of a cisplatin-based chemotherapy regimen for testicular cancer changed the ball game. The discovery revolutionized the disease from a 5% survival rate, for metastatic disease, to the overall 95% survival rate seen today.


We invite you to help us honor Dr. Einhorn's 40th Anniversary and his contribution to the lives of those affected by the disease. We know that cancer is not a single person's disease and we ask that the survivors and those around them say a few words about how Dr. Einhorn's work has affected their lives.


Please leave a comment on this post or contact us privately and we will assemble your responses into a nice book to present to Dr. Einhorn. Including your name and location might be a great touch. This will not be a branded book coming from us but rather a collection of your stories coming from you. We're just helping collecting your words, putting them into a book and delivering it to his office for a much deserved honor to Dr. Einhorn.


I'll start:

While I did not receive chemotherapy for my testicular cancer your work has afforded me the opportunity to meet hundreds of guys that have received it and that is because they survived. My diagnosis was an incredibly scary time but my resolve was knowing that the year I was born the survival rate for metastatic disease was 5% but the year I was diagnosed my overall chances of survival were at 95%. Thank you for your work in providing a "security blanket" to knowing I would survive. I am not sure what my life would have been like without cancer but I can tell you I love what it has been since my diagnosis. Thank you for giving me these years to experience it.

-Mike Craycraft.

Cincinnati, Ohio


Thanks for Your Help in Honoring a Great Physician,