Life Insurance After Testicular Cancer

Can I Get Life Insurance After Testicular Cancer Diagnosis?

After being diagnosed with testicular cancer many of us assume that being able to secure life insurance is impossible. We fear that no one will insure us or that it will be too expensive. However, this is not necessarily the case.


  The SAMFund just released a incredible new webinar titled The SAMFund: Life Insurance and Cancer Survivors (note that this link goes to a pre-webinar survey and then will redirect to the webinar for viewing). Take time to view this if you are looking for insurance.  


Presenter Ted Mageau, from the Main Street Planing Group, details inside knowledge of the life insurance industry. He points out that brokers with multiple carries and experience with cancer survivors may be your bet. He gives simple explanations and a list things to do and not do.  


If you need to obtain life insurance after a testicular cancer diagnosis then take the time to watch this webinar. Especially with early stage seminoma, insurance may be available right after treatments.  


We all want to protect our families future and life insurance is not impossible to obtain.