Shop at Kroger and Support the Testicular Cancer Society

Cincinnati Tri-State Area Kroger Shoppers Supporting the Testicular Cancer Society

Thank You for registering your Kroger cards in 2012 in support of the Testicular Cancer Society. Despite a late start we received a nice donation from Kroger thanks to you registering your cards and shopping.


In order to continue to help the Testicular Cancer Society you must re-register for 2013.

To Renew, Go to Kroger Community Rewards

  • Under "Kroger Community Rewards," click where it says "Click here to sign in."
  • Sign in with your email and password.
  • At "Find Your Organization" enter Testicular Cancer Society or 83043 and then save.


If you didn't register in 2012 you can still help support the Testicular Cancer Society every time you go to Kroger and it doesn't cost you a penny.

If you're in the Cincinnati Tristate area (including KY, IN and Dayton) simply register your Kroger Plus Card by going to Kroger Community Rewards and then scroll down to where it says, "Cincinnati, OH" and click "Enroll Now"

You may have to create an online account (if you don't already have an one). You may have a Krogers Card but not an online account but don't worry as you can tie your current Krogers card to your new account. Then just pick the Testicular Cancer Society (ID# 83043) as your charity to support.


Kroger will send the Testicular Cancer Society a donation every quarter based on how much our supporters spend.


Thank you so much for your support. While it may not seem like you are doing much you are actually raising quite a bit of money for our organization simply by  registering your card and shopping at Krogers.

Your Support is Greatly Appreciated and Needed,