Survivor Spotlights

  • Survivor Spotlight: Paul Savage Jr.

    Testicular cancer survivor, Paul Savage Jr. shares, in his own words, his story from cancer diagnosis to best-selling author.
  • Survivor Spotlight: Keenan Roth

    Testicular cancer survivor Keenan Roth shares, in his own words, his story of diagnosis just before graduation.
  • Survivor Spotlight: Michael

    Testicular cancer survivor Michael shares, in his own words, his story of cancer, trauma and ongoing challenges.
  • Caregiver Spotlight: Tanja Zientara

    Tanja shares her story via video and recounts their experiences with testicular cancer, memorializing her dear, departed son in her book: Squirrel At My Throat
  • Survivor Spotlight: Ryan

    Testicular cancer survivor Ryan shares, in his own words, his story before his upcoming 10th Cancerversary.
  • Connor Joe x TCS Interview

    We had the pleasure of sitting down with Connor Joe, a fellow testicular cancer survivor and Major League Baseball player for the Colorado Rockies, to discuss life after diagnosis and other tidbits along the way.
  • Survivor Spotlight: Lee Oviatt

    Testicular cancer survivor Lee Oviatt shares, in his own words, his story and words of encouragement 16 years after diagnosis.
  • Survivor Spotlight: Alexander Vulchev

    Testicular cancer survivor Alexander Vulchev shares, his own words, his story and why it is so important to be your own advocate.
  • Survivor Spotlight: Anthony Mastrogiulio

    Testicular cancer survivor Anthony Mastrogiulio shares, his own words, his story of being diagnosed during his senior year in college.
  • Survivor Spotlight: Chris Hazen

    Testicular cancer survivor Chris Hazen shares, in his own words, his story holiday style.
  • Survivor Spotlight: Joey Berardi

    Testicular cancer survivor Joey Berardi shares, in his own words, his story one year after being diagnosed and how his purpose is to help others.
  • Survivor Spotlight: Justin Birckbichler

    Blogging - A Good Way to Cope     From the moment my urologist told me “You have cancer,” I knew I was in for a long haul, both physically and emot...