Together We Will Win Down With The Cause

Did the post title confuse you?

Well, we have posted about them before but now they are together on Ian's Episode: Together We Will Win on The Ordinary Guy Network.


Take the time to listen to Karen McWhirt, author of  Together We Will Win and Jon Lewchenko, founder of Down With The Cause are together as they talk about testicular cancer. It was a great interview that hits home as to why testicular cancer awareness is so important. Listen today and then tell the young men in your life about testicular cancer tonight.


Also, be sure to check out Karen's book, Together We Will Win and Jon's organization Down With The Cause.


To learn more about Karen and Jon check out our previous posts: What happens When We Don't Talk About Testicular Cancer and Are You Down With The Cause.


Remember, talk to the young men in your life about testicular cancer.