The FAST 50

In December 2012, 50 skydivers, all over the age of 50, gathered in Zephyrhills, Florida at the Skydive City Drop Zone to make a difference by taking some Falls for The Balls. They built an incredible 50-person formation during their freefall and raised over $4800 in support of the Testicular Cancer Society.

FAST 50 or Fifty And Still Tracking


FAST 50 or Fifty And Still Tracking is an organization for skydivers over 50 years of age who still love the sport and skydive their butts off!!!

To become a FAST 50 Member, all you have to do is be 50 years or older and be a skydiver!


FAST 50 is Charitable Cause to help directly support our mission in helping those affected by testicular cancer.

By clicking on the FAST Donations link and donating a minimum of $10 and you are in. There is no middleman here. 100% of your membership donation (tax deductible) goes to help our cause.

So far FAST 50 has raised over $11,000 to help support our mission!


Via the FAST Donation link your minimum $10 donation will be designated as being part of the FAST organization and we will send them a notice of your generosity. FAST 50 will then send you a FAST 50 Membership Number. 

Remember....Falls for the Balls

Check out FAST 50 Fifty And Still Trackin on Facebook as well.

If you prefer, checks, payable to Testicular Cancer Society can be mailed to:

Testicular Cancer Society
8190A Beechmont Avenue
Suite #161
Cincinnati, OH 45255

(Please note F.A.S.T. in the memo line)

Thanks again for your support as it is greatly needed and sincerely appreciated.